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About Us

NetLight for Communication and Information Technology established with the goal of being among the best networks solution provider in the Kingdom . We aim to provide the latest LAN, WAN solutions to our customers with professional services.
IT technology solutions have become crucial as business strive to remain competitive in an ever-changing market. Not only do information technology solutions which allows you to do better manage date-to-day business operations, they are also integral components of strategies for launching new products and services, covering new markets, improving quality and providing better and faster customer services as well as providing the flexibility needed to quickly make changes. The demands that your organization places on its IT infrastructure are greater than ever.
The revolution of the internet and e-Business as well as the growth of “traditional” business applications are all helping evolve enterprise information Technology at an astounding rate. NetLight for Communication and Information Technology provides a best range of solutions that will help better manage your business and provide your customers with better services.


Our mission 

  •  Add value to all customers by providing   reliable and cost-effective enterprise management solutions as well as reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of  IT.
  •  Aim to be the regional IT leader in the support and services we offer.
  • Create a challenging environment within the organization for growth, prosperity and reorganization.
  • Retain professional resources to ensure availability of  best services to our clients.